What is bitcoin faucet

What is Bitcoin Faucet? 2 Freaky ways to earn with Bitcoin Faucet

Today there are plenty of ways to earn cryptocurrency. But mainly peoples focus on Bitcoin. Did you know that Bitcoin faucet is the easiest and the fastest way to earn Bitcoin? But what is a bitcoin faucet? How can one earn from bitcoin faucet? Let’s reveal it.

What is Bitcoin Faucet?

what is Bitcoin Faucet
Bitcoin Faucet

As a beginner, if you want to earn money in your free time bitcoin faucets are the best. But what is it? Let’s find it out.

Bitcoin faucet are the sites where you can earn free Bitcoins, for doing simple work like visiting sites, clicking ads, watching videos, filling the survey, etc.

Why Bitcoin faucets were made?

Bitcoin faucets are great ways to make some money but do you know the exact reason why bitcoin faucets were introduced. The main reason to make bitcoin faucets are:

  • Introduce Bitcoin to New Peoples

    Bitcoin is still a very new technology. Many peoples still don’t know what is Bitcoin. If you are earning or investing or trading in Bitcoin you are an early adaptor. Bitcoin faucets are mainly used to attract new peoples who don’t know what is Bitcoin.

Why Bitcoin Faucets are free?

All the bitcoin faucets are free of cost. But why are they doing it for free? It is free because they are making a handsome amount of money using bitcoin faucet.

Bitcoin faucets earns from the advertisements.

There are ads in bitcoin faucets sites that help them to earn money easily. In addition, there are plenty of ways like, gambling through which bitcoin faucets earn but we will not talk of those ways.

How to earn from Bitcoin Faucet?

 Earn Bitcoin
Earn Bitcoin

There are 2 freaky ways you can make money from Bitcoin faucet. The two freaky ways are as follows:

  • As a User of Bitcoin Faucet
  • As an Owner of Bitcoin Faucet

Earn as a User of Bitcoin Faucet

To earn from bitcoin faucets as a user you need to do the following things:

  • Register to the bitcoin faucet sites like freebitco, cointiply, etc.
  • To tasks like clicking ads, visiting sites, watching videos, etc.
  • After a certain amount, you will be able to withdraw your earning into your bitcoin wallet.
  • You can also refer your friends and family when they join the website you will earn a commission.

Wiki Faucet is the bitcoin faucet that we are going to launch specially for you to earn bitcoins.

Earn as an Owner of Bitcoin Faucet

If you want to seriously make a Bitcoin faucet you need to invest some money initially. Here’s how you can earn as a bitcoin faucet.

  • Showing ads on your websites. Whenever user watches or clicks the ad you will earn some money.
  • You can put your affiliate links in your faucet and earn.

If you don’t know coding and want to make a Bitcoin faucet just contact us here.

How much can you earn from Bitcoin faucets?

I want to frankly say that it is not like a full-time job. You cannot take these sites as a quick rich scheme or your only way to earn money.

As the amount of bitcoins given by the sites is very low you can take it as part-time work. I cannot pick some numbers and say you can earn this much of bitcoins but you can definitely make some bucks in your free time.

I won’t recommend you to earn from bitcoin faucet if you lack patience. Patience is the key to earn from Bitcoin faucets

The Dripping Method

The Dripping Method
The Dripping Method

You may be wondering what is The Dripping Method. Isn’t it? The Dripping Method is my personal method to make more bitcoins than regular users using bitcoin faucets.

I have split the method into some points:

  • Join any 5 bitcoin faucets. Freebitco and Cointiply are the first 2 you can find out the other 3 as per your wish.
  • Join 2 bitcoin faucet rotator. Here you will find tons of bitcoin faucet on a single web page.
  • Give at least 1 hour to this work every day.
  • Make 2 accounts on the same website using a different IP address.
  • Refer as many as friends in your circle.
  • Search for brand new Bitcoin Faucets. New faucets usually pay more than older ones.


  • Bitcoin faucets are the sites that help to earn bitcoins by doing simple tasks like visiting sites, watching videos, etc.
  • It was made so as to introduce bitcoin to new peoples
  • Bitcoin faucets earn from ads and other ways like gambling.
  • You can earn by clicking ads, watching videos, etc. from bitcoin faucets as a user.
  • You can make your own bitcoin faucet put ads and earn from it.
  • If you use “The Dripping Method” you will make more bitcoins using bitcoin faucets.

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