whales in cryptocurrency

Whales in cryptocurrency: Revealing the Biggest Secret

You may have heard of Whales found in Ocean. But do you know who are Whales in Cryptocurrency? Discover and find it out right now. I bet you will be shocked once you read the whole article

Who are Whales in Cryptocurrency?

whales in cryptocurrency
Whales Present in Cryptocurrency

So now let’s reveal the secret and find out who the whales are.

Whales refers to very big Investors who can buy hundreds and thousands of cryptocurrency in just a minute.

This name is given referring to the real whales. They generally consist of a group of peoples. In very rare cases, a single person may also be defined as a whale.

But what we small investors have to do with these whales. Do we have any connections? Why are whales talked about in Cryptocurrency? So the biggest question and secret is what do whales do?

What do Whales do in the Cryptocurrency market?

I request you to read this very carefully. This will help you to invest in Bitcoin and get the most out of it in a very small time.

Whales Manipulate the cryptocurrency world in order to earn millions in a very short perios of time. They can help you to earn huge money or they can make you suffer great losses.

Vijay Dangi
Whales  Manipulating Beginners
Whales Manipulating Beginners

Whales invest a huge amount of money in the cryptocurrency. It will directly affect the price of the cryptocurrency. Because of the money that Whales have, they can do absolutely anything to get the profits.

How Whales Earn Huge Profits?

Huge Profits Earned by Whales
Huge Profits Earned by Whales

This is so simple concept. Whales generate profits by investing and withdrawing huge amounts. Looks like you didn’t get it.

Let’s imagine a condition to easily understand the whole process. Imagine Bitcoin’s price is increasing.

  • As a beginner, you would think of buying and generating profit.
  • You didn’t have any target of profit so you don’t withdraw.
  • Now whales reverse the trend and the price drops sharply.
  • You rush to withdraw and finally, you withdraw all the amount.
  • Now whales reverse the trend again and price increases.
  • This is where they make a huge amount of profit

Whales kill you both ways. They take your money as well as your bitcoins.

Explore why you should Invest instead of Trading in Cryptocurrency.

How Beginners can use Whales to Earn Profit

Yes, it is true. You can use whales to earn profits. But how? Let’s find it out. Follow our simple steps and boom you can earn profits easily. You will become an expert in this field.

  • Try to think as you are a part of whales.
  • Predict what would you do as a whale to earn more profits.
  • Now analyze the recent past of the cryptocurrency. Let’s say 6 months or 3 months.
  • Also, have a look at the news that may trigger the price of the cryptocurrency.
  • Now mixing all the aspects come to a final decision.

Congrats now you have mastered the skills of Investing. Make sure you control your emotions while doing it in real.

Shocking Numbers

Shocking Numbers of Bitcoin Owned by Whales
Shocking Numbers of Bitcoin Owned by Whales

I guarantee you that you will be shocked after reading this. Here is the list of the richest bitcoin wallet address and the amount of bitcoin they hold.

Bitcoin Whales
Bitcoin Whales
  • First Wallet contains a whopping 255502 BTC.
  • The second Wallet contains 94506 BTC.
  • The fifth wallet contains 89142 BTC.

This is the list of first 5 Bitcoin whales in the cryptocurrency market. Even the last wallet contains that much amount of bitcoin that we can’t imagine. Combine all of us in the WikiCrypto family we would not have had the number of their bitcoins. Ha Ha Isn’t it funny? I know you are shocked.

Would you like to check out more shocking number? Visit here right now.

Best Cryptocurrency to Invest

So it’s interesting where you invest your money. Investing in altcoins may be a bit riskier than investing in Bitcoin.

  1. My primary recommendation would be Bitcoin. You should invest 90% in Bitcoin.
  2. The secondary coin to invest in Ethereum. You should invest the left ut 10% in Ethereum.

The reason for investing in both of the coins is that both have the biggest market cap. Bitcoin is first and second is Ethereum in terms of market cap.


  • Whales are the big investors who invest a huge amount of money in cryptocurrency.
  • They have the ability to manipulate the price of any cryptocurrency.
  • They earn huge profits by playing with the emotions of the beginners and inexperienced traders.
  • If you think like a whale and analyze other things you will earn more profits.
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two coins in which you should invest.

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