RACA airdrop

Huge $30000 RACA Airdrop For Crypto Lover

Airdrops in the crypto industry have become more common nowadays. We are here to bring each and every airdrop to one place. The most hyped airdrop currently running is of RACA. This airdrop is of whooping $30000 so don’t miss this huge opportunity. They have done 4 airdrops in the past 3 months so this can be rewarding too.

How to Join $30000 RACA Airdrop?

$30000 RACA Airdrop

We will now have a quick look at how to join this huge airdrop and become eligible for it.


  • First of all head over to Coinmarketcap Airdrop section from here.
  • Now click on “Join This Airdrop” button.
  • Now first of all add RACA to your watchlist by tapping on “Add to Watchlist” button.
  • Afterwards join the twitter accounts of Coinmarketcap and RACA with the button provided.
  • Now Like the Facebook account of Coinmarketcap.
  • Finally join the telgram accounts of both Coinmarketcap and RACA.

Task Verification

Now we have to verify our completed tasks. So let’s quickly do it and join this $30000 RACA airdrop.

  • First of all enter your BEP20 wallet address from our metamask or trust wallet.
  • Now enter your twitter handle
  • Afterwards add your Facebook Handle.
  • Now add your telegram handle username.
  • Click and agree all the terms and conditions provided.
  • Finally click on “JOIN AIRDROP” button and you are good to go for this huge airdrop.

NOTE: This airdrop is limited to 6000 users that will be fairly picked up. So come back on 20th December 2021 to check if you win it or not.

What is RACA?


As of now, we have joined the airdrop, so let’s try to understand what is RACA exactly.

RACA is a project that initially was known in the category of MEME projects, but it has emerged as one of the best projects in crypto by tackling the hard times. The project is audited by “CERTIK”, one of the best in this section in the crypto field. Currently, it has entered the Metaverse because of the trend.

Due to the Metaverse trend, RACA reached its all-time high of $0.01189 from its all-time low of $0.0002467. This project has given huge returns to its early investors. They aim to build a brave new virtual world. While the time of writing the price of RACA is hovering around $0.0025.

The total supply of RACA is 443,478,491,084 and the current market cap of RACA is $459,343,282.

Upcoming Events in RACA

 RACA events
RACA Events

There are some of the events coming up for RACA that can definitely boost our RACA airdrop of $30000 if we win this airdrop.

Event 1

The first event is The Universal Metaverse (USM) Game Launch that is going to happen anytime in December 2021. This virtual metaverse game of RACA can be so huge that it can take the prices of RACA to new heights. Many of the projects that entered metaverse and bought their game afterward have shown a brilliant growth of 2-5x in short term. RACA can also come in that category if the game is successful

Event 2

The second event is as huge as the first one. The second event is of USM Chain Mainnet Launch that is expected to go live around June 2022. Yes, it’s a few months away but it’s a piece of really big news for RACA. They are bringing their USM chain and will become independent. So if we win this huge RACA airdrop of $30000 and hold for some period we can get a good amount from it.


So now we quickly conclude and revise whatever we have told you.

  • Firstly visit Coinmarketcap and add RACA to watchlist.
  • Join all the Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram accounts provided.
  • Finally verify the details, agree all terms and conditions and join the airdrop.

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