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You may have come acrossed many PTC sites for earning bitcoin. But I bet you have not came across a website like this.

This is one of the high paying bitcoin faucets. So now let’s deep dive into Grabtc review and explore the ways of earning.

In the end, we also have a cool bonus for you. So stay tuned till the end.

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Grabtc Review

Grabtc Review
Grabtc Review

The website has a minimum withdrawal of 5000 satoshis for free users. I always recommend to use a free membership only. Don’t upgrade and pay to any PTC website.

The withdrawal proof will soon be uploaded here. But according to the website it has paid 0.04156946 to its 17576 users. It is a brand new website so it’s paying pretty much a very high amount. So go and Join fast.

This is a copy website of Grabtc. But is it legit like Grabtc go and Check now.

Earning Ways in Grabtc

There are tons of ways to earn from Grabtc. So let’s go through all of them.

  • Faucet: In this section you will solve a captcha and you will earn free bitcoins. The amount you earn will depend on bitcoin’s price.
  • PTC: In this section you will have to click the ads. It pays 2-20 satoshis for each ads depending on the time.
  • Short links: This is the most profitable way of earning. There are 81 short links from which you can earn 349 satoshis.
  • Jobs: In this section, you need to post the payment proof on different forums. You will receive 100 satoshis for posting in each forum. There are a total of 31 jobs. These jobs you can do only for one time.
  • Achievement: For reaching certain levels you will receive some free satoshis. Like if you complete 50 faucet claims, you will receive 60 satoshis.
  • CPU mining: In this section, you will start CPU mining. Mining will start and you will receive satoshis. They will pay you 1 Bit for every 40,000 hashes.
  • Investment Game: In this section, you can predict the price of bitcoin and you will earn satoshis. If you think the price will go up then you have to click the CALL button.
  • Redeem Coupons: You can redeem coupons that the website will launch. For now you will get free 100 satoshis for registration.
  • Offers: This is not the way I would recommend. Because there are very few offers. But if available you can earn from this too.
  • Contest: If you participate in the contest you will have a chance to earn a big amount. They currently have Referral contest, Shortlink Contest, and Offerwall Contest.
  • Referrals: This is my personal favorite way of earning. If you refer your friends you will receive 12% of their faucet claims, 3% of their offer walls earnings, and 1% of their short links earnings for life!



So now only one thing is left after Grabtc review. Yes that is “Bonus.” So are you ready for it.

You will recieve 100 satoshis from Wiki Crypto.

So how do you get the bonus. Just follow this simple steps.

  • Signup using the link here.
  • You must have 20 Faucet claims.
  • Multiple accounts not allowed.
  • Send your bitcoin address and a screenshot of your account details including the number of faucet claims to
  • We will verify in 7 days and send you the amount to your bitcoin address.

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