Faucet-crypto review

Earn 200-1000 Satoshis in just 1 hour. Complete Faucet Crypto review

So we already talk about 2 high paying faucets in our previous 2 blogs. But now we have find a new website for you. But is it paying? Check out the whole faucet crypto review.

In the end we have a awesome bonus for you. So stay tuned.

What is Faucet Crypto?

Faucet crypto review
Faucet crypto review

It is a PTC website that claims to pays you doing simple tasks like solving short links, offer walls, surveys, faucet, PTC, etc.

Unlike other sites this websites claims to give instant withdrawls to faucet pay.

Faucet Crypto Review

Faucet crypto claims to have paid $21,559.15 in BTC to its 11374 members. On a daily basis, I work for just 1 hour daily on this website. I only prefer to complete short links, visiting PTC ads and claiming in the faucet. I earn about 300 satoshis using these 3 methods in just 1 hour.

Faucet Crypto Payment Proof
Faucet Crypto Payment Proof

Here are my withdrawal proofs. This is a legit website. And guess what it pays instantly in faucet pay.

Does Faucet Crypto give value for time?

If you are working in any of the websites online they must give you value for your time. But does Faucet crypto fulfill it?

I would definitely say yes. But Why? During this time when bitcoin price is hovering around $7000. In this time most of the faucet or PTC sites like this are giving less satoshis as compared to Faucet crypto. The only website that beats Faucet crypto is More money.

Check More money review here.

So you should start working in this website right now. In addition if you use other ways of earning, that I don’t use, you can easily earn 1000 satoshis daily, which is a big deal today.

Ways of Earning from Faucet Crypto

There are multiple ways of earning from Faucet crypto. So let’s go through all of them and then unlock the bonus.

  • Faucet: The first and the simplest way is claiming the faucet for free. Currently, it gives 8 satoshis every claim. The timer resets in 40 minutes. The number of satoshis can vary according to the price of bitcoin.
  • PTC: The second way to earn is by clicking on ads. You have to visit the websites and wait for few seconds and you will earn the reward. The amount varies from 5-15 satoshis, sometimes even more.
  • Daily Bonus: You will get a daily bonus of 30 coins that is currently equal to 15 satoshis. It can also vary according to the price of bitcoin.
  • Referrals: You can refer to your friends and you will earn a 25% commission for a lifetime.
  • Short links: It provides you 27 short links on a daily basis. This is my primary way to earn more from any website. It applies the same to this website also.
  • Achievements: There are certain levels that you can reach while doing daily tasks. You will be paid accordingly.
  • Offer walls: This is no my primary way of earning. But you can definitely make more bitcoins with this method. You can fill up different surveys and earn big.



I know you were eagerly waiting for bonus. I will not take much of your time.

You will get 100 satoshis as a gift from Wikicrypto Community.

Wikicrypto Family

There are some simple rules for you all. You should ful fill all the rules to get paid.

  • Signup using the link here.
  • You must have withdrawn at least 300 satoshis.
  • Multiple accounts not allowed.
  • Send your bitcoin address and a screenshot of your account details including total withdrawal to support@wikicrypto.in.
  • We will verify in 7 days and send you the amount to your bitcoin address.

Do you have any other website in your mind that we should review? Do you use any other website for earning bitcoins? Please mention them in the comments.

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