crypto giants twitter accounts hacked in bitcoin scam

Crypto Giants twitter accounts hacked in a bitcoin scam

On the 15th of July 2020, twitter accounts of crypto giants got hacked. It led to a bitcoin scam where hackers scammed innocent users and stole around 15 BTC

Crypto Giants twitter accounts hacked

Crypto Giants twitter accounts hacked
Crypto Giants twitter accounts hacked in a Bitcoin Scam

The past few days have been worst for bitcoin lovers. As we know that bitcoin is moving side-wards at around $9200. A breakout is expected anytime soon.

But between all these technical things 2 dangerous events happened. On the 11th of July 2020 around 336 bitcoins were stolen from the Cashaa exchange. Hackers attacked the exchange and easily stole the bitcoins. And after few days yesterday, on 15th of July 2020, around 15 bitcoins were stolen from innocent users.

Hackers hacked twitter accounts of some of the biggest crypto giants. It included @Bitcoin, @BINANCE, @cz_binance, @Coinbase, @kucoincom, @Ripple, @Tronfoundation, @Coindesk, @elonmusk, @BillGates, etc. This may create fear amongst normal users or users who are beginners in bitcoins. As this is a bigger issue, the government is expected to take some action against it.

The list of all the accounts hacked are as follows:

  • @Bitcoin
  • @elonmusk
  • @BillGates
  • @Coinbase
  • @cz_binance
  • @Gemini
  • @kucoincom
  • @bitfinex
  • @Ripple
  • @CashApp
  • @CoinDesk
  • @Tronfoundation
  • @justinsuntron
  • @SatoshiLite

How Hackers stole bitcoin?

How Hackers stole bitcoin?
How Hackers stole bitcoin?

After hacking the twitter accounts of these crypto giants it was pretty easy to stole bitcoins. The hacker started tweeting from the officail accounts that, “In this pandemic situation of Corona, I am donating bitcoins to everyone by doubling them. If you send $1000 bitcoins I will send you $2000 bitcoins.”

As the tweet was from official accounts peoples thought it was true. They started sending bitcoin to the hackers bitcoin address.

But if you were in the touch of the Wiki Crypto community in the past few days you would have not fallen in the scam. We already explained to you the 9 dangerous bitcoin scams.

Can you get your bitcoins back?

Can you get your bitcoins back?
Can you get your bitcoins back?

The answer to this question is harsh but true. The answer is “NO.” This is the characteristics of bitcoin and blockchain technology. Once your transaction is initiated it will not be reversed.

You can only get your bitcoins if crypto giants themselves give you bitcoins as a appologise letter. But it is unlikely that this can happen.

How to save your Bitcoins from scammers?

There is no rocket science in protecting your bitcoin from scammers. Just follow these simple steps and your bitcoins will be safe.

  1. Buy a Hardware Wallet: First and foremost thing if you are interested in bitcoin and cryptocurrency, buy a hardware wallet immediately. This will keep you bitcoins safe. I would recommend you to buy Ledger Nano S. The price is around $70. This investment is very low if you are in this industry.
  2. Never keep funds in Exchange: Never ever keep your funds in exchanges. If you trade just keep the amount that you want to trade. Keep other amounts safe in a hardware wallet.
  3. Think twice before you send bitcoin to anyone: Yes this will work in any situation. Think twice or even thrice before sending bitcoin to anyone. If anyone promises to give you a huge amount that is unrealistic don’t send them bitcoins they are 100% scammers. Just think would you give anyone 2 BTC if they send you 1 BTC of course not.
  4. Don’t click unknown links: If you get emails or messages from an unknown person don’t click any links. It may download some malware on your devices.
  5. Check URL and Enable 2FA: While creating any accounts on any exchange or wallets make sure the URL is correct. Check if it contains “https” in the URL. Always enable 2FA in any exchange or wallet.

Stay safe guys and stay motivated.

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