Bitcoin Vigil Review

Earn 500-1000 Satoshis easily daily. Bitcoin Vigil review.

In the world full of scams happening using bitcoin are unlimited. We have come across HYIP scams many times.

But scams related to PTC sites aren’t that much popular. So let’s go through bitcoin vigil review and find it out that is it a scam or not.

One more thing in the end we have a cool bonus for all of you.

Bitcoin Vigil Review

Bitcoin Vigil Review
Bitcoin Vigil Review

Bitcoin Vigil claims to be a website that helps you to earn bitcoin by clicking ads, faucet, short links, lottery, etc. It has 1,364 active users and they claim that they have paid 0.00394578 BTC.

They guarantee that ads will be available daily with very low withdrawal limits and with instant payments to micropayment sites such as Faucetpay. It also claims to have zero withdrawal fees.

Actually before going to the review I have a good news for you.

Bitcoin Vigil is a legit and high paying website.

Bitcoin Vigil Payment Proof

Bitcoin Vigil Payment Proof
Bitcoin Vigil Payment Proof

I have earned 19282 Satoshis in almost one month. It gives instant withdrawal to the faucet pay account. So it is a legit website till now. I would recommend it to every user out there.

Ways to earn Bitcoins

So now look at the different ways you can earn bitcoin through Bitcoin Vigil. It provides 9 different ways to earn satoshis.

  • Faucet: Currently it is giving 10-20 satoshis every 1 hour in its faucet. In addition, you will get a free lottery ticket to win the lottery price. So more you claim more lotteries you will have. It will increase your chance of winning a lottery.
  • PTC: The second method is the ads. It currently pays 2-12 satoshi for each ad you view.
  • Short links: You can solve short links and earn bitcoins. It gives 5-10 satoshis for each short link. This is my personal way of earning more from this website.
  • Surf ads: As the website is very fresh advertisers are not aware of it and hence currently there are no ads in the surf section. In the future, I think there will be ads available in this section also.
  • Lottery: You can buy lotteries with the satoshis you have earned and win big amount of satoshis. But we didn’t recommend it as it depends on luck.
  • Referrals: It gives 15% of referral commission. You can invite your friends and when they earn bitcoin you will also earn bitcoins.
  • Offerwalls: In this section, you will complete the different surveys and get paid. Again I don’t recommend this as there are almost no surveys most of the time.
  • Contest: You can win a big amount of bitcoins in the contest. Currently, the referral contest is running which will give 200000 satoshis to the first winner.
  • High-Low Game: In this section, you can bet and win. If you bet high and a number appears above 5250 you will win. This is not recommended by us as you will lose more satoshis.

Check the review of this cool website that pays more than 1000 satoshis daily.

How much you can earn daily?

By considering all the ways of earning in Bitcoin Vigil and assuming that you have at least 5-10 referrals. You can approximately make 500-1000 satoshis easily on a daily basis.

Is the site worth using?

This is a general question. Does this site gives value for time. I always say that each and every Bitcoin or satoshis you earn today is as valuable as gold.

In future all the bitcoins you have earned will give you a huge return. So go and start earning now.

There are few other ways to earn bitcoins. Find out now.



I know you were waiting for the bonus. So here is it. We will give 50 satoshis to every one who will sign up using our link. But you will have to follow some rules.

  • Signup using the link here.
  • Work for at least 7 days
  • You must have withdrawn at least 100 satoshis.
  • Multiple accounts not allowed.
  • Send your bitcoin address and a screenshot of your account details including your registration date and total withdrawal to
  • We will verify in 7 days and send you the amount to your bitcoin address.

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