bitcoin memes ft. tom and jerry

Top 5 Hilarious Bitcoin Memes ft. Tom and Jerry

You may have watched many bitcoin memes and laughed. We have top 5 bitcoin memes ft. Tom and Jerry will not only make you laugh but also give handy education.

Hilarious Bitcoin memes ft. Tom and Jerry

By not wasting more time let’s deep dive into it laugh and learn at the same time.

  • Planning-while-Buying-Cryptocurrency

    Planning while Buying Cryptocurrency
    Planning while Buying Cryptocurrency
    You may have heard the following quote by Benjamin Franklin. This applies to all the fields. If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. So the meme tells us that we are dumb if we invest in any cryptocurrency without planning.
    So what do you need to actually plan? Here is the list of things you must consider before buying.
    • How much money will you invest?
    • In which cryptocurrency will you invest?
    • Why are you investing in a particular cryptocurrency?
    • Is the price showing an upward trend or downward trend or is it stable?
    • Is there any event going to happen about the cryptocurrency you are going to invest (Halving, Some upgrade, etc.)?

      After answering all the questions perfectly you can invest in any cryptocurrency and make profits. We have a list of coins you should invest in 2020 to make huge profits.

  • Investing advice by Tom

    Investing advice by Tom
    Investing advice by Tom
    Most peoples thinks of investing only in Bitcoin. But here is the advice of Pro Investor “Mr. Tom.”
    • Invest 90% in Bitcoin: There is no brainer why you should invest in Bitcoin. It is the most secure blockchain and very scarce cryptocurrency. It was the most profitable investment in the last decade. According to Mr. Tom’s opinion, it will be the most profitable investment in this decade also.
    • Invest 10% in Ethereum: Investing in Ethereum is profitable as much as Bitcoin. It is the second-largest in terms of market cap and scarce as bitcoin. You may wonder why only 10% in ETH. It’s Mr. Tom’s choice, you can reverse the investment. You can invest 90% in ETH and 10% in BTC.
    • Don’t invest in Stocks: Mr. Tom is not against any of the stocks. It is just that when you are getting more profits with the same amount of money why you should go for stocks.
  • The job of Bitcoin Whales

    Bitcoin Whales manipulating Bitcoin
    Bitcoin Whales manipulating Bitcoin
    You may have heard of Bitcoin whales. So what is there job? They manipulate Bitcoin and make huge profits. When most peoples are thinking of Bitcoin Bull run, they will sell their Bitcoins and the price dips.
    In the second scenario when peoples are thinking of Bitcoin bearish run they accumulate more and more bitcoins and price rises.

    Learn to use Bitcoin Whales and Earn more Profits.

  • Beginners waiting for Bitcoin Bull run

    Beginners waiting for Bitcoin Bull run
    Beginners waiting for Bitcoin Bull run
    So you are excited about Bitcoin bull run. Isn’t it? In this bitcoin meme, Tom is looking for Bitcoin bull run so you are. But Bitcoin is behind you. What does it mean?
    It means that you can make profits by investing in Bitcoin right now. If you procrastinate you will be like Tom, who is just looking to invest when bull run come. So Invest in Bitcoin right now.
  • The mentality in Every School

    The mentality in Every School
    The mentality in Every School
    I don’t know from which school you have studied. But I know that your teacher or your parents told you that first clear 12th, get a degree, get a job and earn money.
    This is not completely true you should follow your passion. If you follow your passion you don’t need a degree to earn money. We are not advising that you should not go to school just do what you like.

So by that, we end our list of top 5 bitcoin memes. We hope that you laughed and also learned something.

Which one was your favorite one? Do you find any other funnier bitcoin memes? Comment for the same.

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