Bitcoin faucet list 2020

Best High Paying Bitcoin Faucet list 2020

Bitcoin faucets are easy means to earn some bitcoins. But most faucets can be just scams. So here is the highest paying bitcoin faucet list of 2020.

What is Bitcoin Faucet?

Bitcoin Faucets is the website that allows you to claim bitcoins for free. It also allows you to earn by doing some simple tasks, like visiting websites, watching videos, completing the survey, etc.

High Paying Bitcoin Faucet list 2020

So here is the list of highest paying Bitcoin faucets list of 2020.

  • Free Bitco
    bitcoin faucet list 2020
    Free Bitco
    This is the most popular bitcoin faucet. It allows you to claim your bitcoins every 1 hour. It also allows you to multiply your bitcoins by offering a Multiply Bitcoin Program.
    But as it requires luck to earn money we won’t recommend it to you. You can also win a Lamborginin through Freebitco with something called “Golden Tickets.”
    You should give it a try right now. In addition, the most powerful way to earn is the Referral program. It gives a 50% lifetime commission.
  • Cointiply
    It was founded in early 2018. The faucet allows you to claim 200 Satoshis on average every 60 minutes. Coins can be withdrawn easily to FaucetHub as soon as you reach 35,000 Satoshis.
    If you have over 100,000 Satoshis, you can also withdraw directly from your Bitcoin wallet. It also has some additional ways to earn bitcoin. Some of them are as follows:
    • Watching Videos
    • Offer Walls
    • Pay to click ads
    • Browser games
    • Affiliate program
  • Bonus Bitcoin
    Bonus Bitcoin
    Bonus Bitcoin
    This is one of the oldest bitcoin faucets. The main feature of this website is that it allows you to claim free bitcoin every 5 minutes. There is also a coin multiplier and a survey section on the website, for those who want to increase their earnings.
    BonusBitcoin accounts are connected to CoinPot. But I have to say that CoinPot has many bugs and taking money out of it can be a hassle, however, in the end, it works.
  • Wiki Faucet (Yet to Launch)
    Wiki Faucet
    Wiki Faucet
    This is the brand new website (Owned by Wiki Crypto). You can claim 10-50 satoshis every 5 min. It is just awesome. Isn’t it? This website is on number 4 because it is a brand new website. It allows you to earn 20% of lifetime commission on your referrals.
    It has no withdrawal limit you can claim your bitcoin and get directly into your bitcoin wallet. One demerit is that it doesn’t have any other ways of earning like other websites.
  • Moon Bitcoin:
    Moon Bitcoin
    Moon Bitcoin
    It is a faucet that has been around since 2015. The faucet allows you to claim satoshis every 5 minutes, with the average claim being around 10 Satoshis.
    It also uses CoinPot (similar to BonusBitcoin) in order to pay out users. CoinPot has a minimum withdrawal limit of 10K Satoshis with a fee and 50K Satoshis without a fee.

The Dripping Method

You might be wondering what is The Dripping Method. The Dripping Method is my own technique to make more bitcoins than normal peoples using bitcoin faucets.

I have split the technique into certain points:

  • Join any 5 Bitcoin Faucets. Freebitco, Cointiply, and Wikifuacet are the initial 3 you can discover the other 2 according to your desire.
  • Join 2 bitcoin faucet rotator. Here you will discover huge amounts of bitcoin faucet on a single website page.
  • Give 1 hour to this work each day.
  • Make 2 accounts on the same site using a different IP address.
  • Make all your friends and family join the faucets. Try to refer as many as peoples as it will help in earning ore bitcoins.
  • Hunt for new bitcoin faucets as new faucets pays more than old faucets.

Pro Tips

Before heading towards the end of the log we want to provide you 2 pro tips to make a huge amount of money.

Tip 1: Invest in Bitcoin

Yes, don’t think so much. Investing in Bitcoins is much profitable than investing in any other thing. It is way better than investing in Real estate. So what are you thinking? Go ahead and invest now.

Tip 2: Invest in Altcoins

You may be shocked but it is true that some of the altcoins have given more profits than bitcoin. Ethereum is one of them. At least invest 10% of your total investment in altcoins. Check out the top 5 altcoins of 2020.


  • Top 5 bitcoin faucets are:
    • Freebitco
    • Cointiply
    • Bonus Bitcoin
    • Wikifaucet
    • Moon Bitcoin
  • The dripping method is awesome for making more bitcoins.
  • The pro tip is that you should invest in bitcoin and some altcoins right now.

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