altcoin faucets are useless

Why Altcoin Faucets are useless?

We all are earning from bitcoin faucets. In past we have shared many bitcoin faucets. But today we will discuss why altcoin faucets are useless.

What are Altcoin Faucets?

altcoin faucets are useless
Altcoin Faucets are useless

Altcoin faucets are the website that helps peoples to earn altcoins by doing simple tasks, such as, PTC, Shortlinks, watching vidoes, etc…

Most popular altcoins faucets are Ethereum faucets. But I need to warn you that you are doing nothing just wasting your time.

Why Altcoin Faucets are useless?

So now we will discuss about our main topic. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should avoid using altcoin fauets.

Price of altcoin

Price of Altcoins and Bitcoin

You may be wondering what the hell price has to do with faucets. It does make a difference. Let’s assume the Ethereum price is $250. In general, for a single PTC ad, you click the price in the US dollar is approx $0.001-$0.01. If you click a PTC ad that gives you $0.01 you will receive 0.00005000 ETH.

Now let’s say the price of ETH doubles and becomes $500. So now you will receive just 0.00002500 ETH. The reason is that an advertiser can’t afford to pay more than $0.01 for a single ad click.

As we all know bitcoin is the future. It’s price will rocket in upcoming years. But what about altcoins? I believe that altcoins cannot beat Bitcoin. So let’s say your friend also worked as hard as you have worked. But he used bitcoin faucets.

Now you have 0.5 ETH and you friend has 0.5 BTC with a lot of hardwork. But as usual bitcoin price will be higher than ETH. So he will have more money in his bank.

Future of Altcoin and Bitcoin

This is matching the reason with the previous one. In future Bitcoin will surely rocket. Let’s say it hit its all-time high of $50000. Etherum will follow the same path and let’s assume it trades at $20000, which according to me is too far. Still bitcoin is beating it.

So its great time for accumulation of bitcoin. Just try to increase you portfolio and accumulate as much as bitcoin you can.

How to accumulate more and more bitcoins?

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There are 5 main ways of accumulating bitcoin and HODLING it for future.

  • Earning bitcoins: This method is for the peoples who cannot afford to buy bitcoins. They can earn bitcoin with different bitcoin faucets. My personal favorite is MORE MONEY.
  • Buying bitcoins: This is the easiest method amongst all methods. Just deposit your fiat and buy bitcoin. I personally prefer Binance and Wazirx for buying bitcoin. Both are giant and trustful exchanges.
  • Trading: This method involves a lot of risks. You have to trade altcoins with bitcoins and make profits. If you really want to trade and earn then we recommend you to learn trading from the reputed academy and also join telegram VIP groups.
  • Mining (Not Recommended): You need to buy hardware to mine bitcoins, which is too costly for a single person. If you try out cloud mining it is good, but very hard to find a legit cloud mining site. In the process, you may lose your valuable money.
  • Making your own Bitcoin faucet: You can make your own bitcoin faucet and with a small investment, you can earn money. Generally, you will make money with ad networks. In addition, you can also earn from referral ads.

Do you know how I earn bitcoins? Surprisingly I use all the methods to earn bitcoin except mining. I currently have 0.0125 BTC. My first target is to achieve 0.1 BTC until next year. What are your stats?

So what do you think as of now? Are you still wishing to earn from altcoin faucets? If so then, why?

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