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Hello, my dear friend, I hope you are doing well. You visited our site because you are interested in Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies. Isn’t it?

Wiki Crypto is a brand new website that helps peoples, like you, to learn about Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. We also keep you updated about the latest news about the Blockchain and Crypto Industry. We make sure that you receive the best information and in a simple language.

Our Aims

  1. To help peoples to Learn about Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrencies.
  2. To keep peoples updated with the Latest news about Crypto Market and Blockchain Industry.
  3. To help peoples to Make Money Online using Cryptocurrencies through various methods.

About Owner


Hello dear visitor, my name is Vijay Dangi. I am a certified Blockchain expert as well as Digital Marketer and SEO expert. In my school days, I was very much afraid of the Computer period, as I didn’t even know to turn on the computer. I used to just sit and look around in the practical. Slowly slowly I started to explore various things on the computer but was still afraid. I didn’t know what was the fear about?

When I was in the 10th I can operate a computer easily but still, I don’t know how to turn on the computer. I used to tell my friends to start the computer.

The actual change came when I completed my 12th in 2017. In summer vacation I was simply browsing Youtube and suddenly came to see a video about making money online. Now I started to explore more and more, this way I entered into the field of Digital Marketing. Strangely I also came upon to Blockchain Technology in a similar way.

Finding lots and lots of opportunities in both the fields I decided to learn both the things. First I enrolled in the Digital Marketing course and then for Blockchain Technology. But in between, I was pursuing a course in Foods and Nutrition in college. I passed the F.Y. with good grades. But it was not interesting to learn it as I was not developing any skills. So I decided to leave college and go for the Digital Marketing course. My friends, relatives and my parents opposed and told me to complete the 3-year course. But after 1-2 days my parents supported me and allowed me to do the Digital Marketing course. And it changed my life completely.

Oh yes, now I know how to turn on the computer.